Cheran Spinning Mills specializes in production of hosiery fabric. The hosiery yarn is manufactured from the best quality raw materials and is knitted to form the hosiery fabric. Depending on the application, the hosiery fabric count requirements vary. The range of products comprises premium quality 100% cotton Compact hosiery yarn ranging from Ne 26’s CH to 60’s & 70’s CH.

In Combed compact warp category, our range starts from Ne 60’s to 80’s CCW. Our yarns meet international quality parameters for varied knitting and weaving applications.We can cater to any kind of Hosiery count requirements of the customers. Our team has highly skilled employees and technically soundinfrastructuregiving maximum leverage to our product range and extreme adherence to quality. The QC team & the processes rigorously monitor the products at each stage of the production to ensure the ultimate quality required by the customers.

Our Infrastructure

Cheran Spinning Mills can produce Combed, Compact & Warp Yarns to be used for various purposes. We can manufacture Tailor made Hosiery count ranges as per the customer’s requirements. Our Hosiery Count range include -26’s 30’s, 34’s, 40’s 44’s 50’s & 60’s. Our Warp Count ranges include 60’s, 62’s & 67’s.Our daily yarn production capacity is 12,500kgs/day. Our sister concerns support us in supplyingSingle Jersey and Interlock Grey fabrics knitted fromthe high-end Mayer&Cie and Terrotknitting machines. Our infrastructure with the higher end machines and our adept team give us an edge over our competition.

The undeviating quality standard is the commitment to the customers and we adhere to it by the fully equipped latest machineries, the team fully trained in all the intermediate processes and with the quality control for each and every process involved. The ultimatum is the production of 100 % combed yarn assisted by the machineries of the modern technology with the processes of global standards. This is the key to the production of only the premium quality yarn.

Machinery List

Blow Room

Used at the beginning of the spinning operation. The fibre is opened and cleaned, before getting passed to carding machine. The machine also ensures that the fibre’s rupture does not increase or gets broken in the process.

  • Blendomat
  • CLP
  • Unimix
  • SRS
  • Vetal Scan
  • CVT
  • Nestling I Scan
  • Dustex
Blow room
Blow room


Located before the drawing frame, carding removes impurities and individualizes the fibres of a yarn. The resultant card web is then collected onto tape and placed into a can.

  • LC 300A – V4
  • DK 740

Comber &Preparatory

Helps to remove short fibres and straighten the fibres for a better spinning.

  • Lakshmi LD2
  • Lap Former LH15
  • LK 64 Z


Parallelizes the fibres and blends it. Any flaws at this stage means preservance of same in the yarn, as the design becomes visible.

  • Lakshmi RSB 851

Ring Frames

Spins yarn from roving strand and ensures the easy and fast takeover of the machine parameters when changing to otheryarn types. It guarantees consistency of yarn.

  • - LR 6
  • LR 9 AXL


Transforms the drawn sliver into roving.

  • - LF 1400A


  • Eliminates the faults and contamination in yarn, makes continuous length and wind in cones after clearing of faults.
  • - Schlafhorst 338
  • Murata Qpro (Link with LR 9)


Our latest technology allows us to twist set and increase strength and better elongation.

  • Seiger 1000 Kgs

Lab Facility

We have excellent lab facilities to monitor the flow of raw material from the beginning to the end of the process to maintain Quality Yarn from time to time.

Our well equipped machineries are,

  • Cascade System
  • Uster HVI Instrument
  • Uster Evenness Tester
  • Mag TPI Tester
  • UsterNep Analyser