About us

Cheran Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.,started as a group of Chola Spinning Mills whichwas established in the year 1984. It was the consummated efforts of the two adroit founders Mr. M.K.Palanisamy and Mr.M.P. Anand to produce premium quality cotton yarn. The yarn production process is attributed to the traditional mechanism which affirms nil damage to the environment. We are one of the eminent spinning mills capable of manufacturing 100% combed Hosiery & Warp Compact yarns suitable for Garment manufacturers and for Yarn exporters.

The purport of the company and the team right from the origin is to produce the finest yarn from our mill. Our success is accredited to our choice of the best suppliers capable of supplying exceptional quality of raw materials. Our crew is capable of anticipating the actual needs of the customers, designers and to produce the most appropriate quality yarn which can enhance the value of the finished products to manifold. This dedication and congenial relationship with our customers is the key to everlasting business collaborations and healthy business growth.

The expertise in the field for more than quarter of a century has aided in the exponential growth of the company. The dexterity of the members combined with the ingenious guidance and the quality oriented approach has endowed the company with a predominant place in the global front.

Our Mission

We intend to make premium quality yarn at the most competitive priceto foster continued growth and development of our company and our customers by creating a comfortable work environmentfor our team.

Our Vission

Our Team

Our team comprises of highly experienced technicians and staff who can efficiently carry out the various activities in the spinning sector. The frequent experiential training in the respective machineries makes the staff well versed in their work schedule. The team works with an unswerving attitude towards excellence and is able to contribute to delivering the best quality products & the success of the organization.

Our Quality Standards

“Quality is the outcome of a carefully created cultural environment”.

Our premium quality yarn is achieved by the high quality raw materials & the optimal combination, the dexterity of the team involved, the complete & refined processes and the most appropriate machinery being used in the production process. The challenge involved in choosing the best fiber is handled by the maintenance of huge inventory. The quality control team is stringent enough to deliver only the best & the premium quality. Cheran Spinning Mills offers superior quality yarn to domestic & export markets. Owing to the belief in building strong relationships with the clients & the core value in creating a success chain, the customer base of Cheran Spinning mills is strong & persistent.